• Image of SUMMER RAIN

These Belinda Carlisle lyrics always take me back to the days when I was living in Kansas City and dating a boy who would always take me on wildly romantic dates.

This one time we were picnicking at a park that looks over the whole city when it started to rain, but instead of packing everything up and running for cover, he reached out for my hand and slow danced with me in the park while singing old crooner songs in my ear. He had a pretty amazing voice too.

If you've never danced in the rain before - you should! Especially with someone else. It will give you a whole new perspective and memory of rain.


This print is a decently sized 500x700mm and looks amazing stacked with another statement print like one of the Joshua Dream or Camellia Nights pieces.


You can purchase framed or unframed, but please note framed are PICKUP ONLY (from Bondi Beach NSW).
Local delivery can be arranged for you at a small cost.

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